Car Window Tinting Makes The Difference

If you have Austin window tint done on your vehicle, you will discover that the interior of your car will be quite a bit cooler on a hot day. In fact, it has been shown that the tinting will reduce the interior temperature in you car by 10 to 12 degrees F.


This is enough difference to make the ride a much more relaxing and pleasant experience, and it will be safer too. Studies have shown that a more comfortable driver is able to concentrate and react more accurately and decisively.


Car window tinting cuts down on the glare from the sun almost 100 percent. We have all had that horrible, momentary experience where the bright sun totally blocks our ability to see right what is in front of us. That is all the time that is needed to have an accident when a car suddenly turns in front of you at the wrong moment, or a pedestrian decides to walk in front of your car.


The tinted windows takes that sudden and focused glare and turns it into a small spot, so that your vision is not impaired at that moment. Not only will the tinting protect you from these hazards, it makes your vehicle look better too.

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